How to open account

2017 Dinpay Merchant onboarding procedure (account registration)

Thank you and welcome for choosing Dinpay!

For meeting China S.A.F.E and security reasons Dinpay has a three-step process for opening account. Account verification is performed by Dinpay legal team in HQ.

Minimum supporting AML/KYC documents for account creation must be provided. Can be provided in scanned colour with chop/stamped verification. Please prepare the following; copy of CEO passport, business license/s and official registration, copy of taxation (less than 12 months), a bank statement (less than three months old) and a signed Dinpay merchant agreement (contract supplied by your account manager). Accounts must be linked to a website that is viewable by verification team.

Below are the Dinpay S.O.P. for account creation;


Step 1: Submit account request

  • Return completed merchant application form submitted to your account manager.
  • Prepare AML/KYC and supporting company documents.
  • Account manager offers Dinpay merchant agreement.


Step 2: Verification and agreement signing

  • Dinpay system issues unique email with new Merchant ID (MID) includes the user “Admin and password” link.
  • Merchant logs into Dinpay account and uploads supporting documents into the portal.
  • Mobile phone verified via SMS and PINs.
  • Submit verification request via portal.
  • Submit signed merchant agreement to your account manager.


Step 3: Dinpay API integration and wallet activation

  • Merchant is verified and approved (yes/no) by HQ.
  • Merchant API accessed via account (using their login and password).
  • Account Portal URL->
  • Merchant downloads unique APIs for integration.
  • Merchant uses account to create their “Dinpay wallet” for settlements.
  • Merchant completes API technical integration.
  • Go live with Dinpay.
  • Account wallet URL->


Need some help?

Your local Dinpay account manager is here to help assist and to guide you through the account creation and management process.

For developer and technical support Dinpay HQ provides free tech support from 9AM-10PM China work hours.



QQ: 4008822311

What do you need to get started?

If you are an Australian business, have an Australian bank account and want an eCommerce solution so you can sell to China then you’re qualified.