Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Dinpay?

Dinpay simplifies getting paid from China. With Dinpay we give you all the top China e-commerce and mobile payment systems in one account.

With a Dinpay account you can instantly accept China’s most popular payment solutions (Alipay, WeChat Pay, China Union Pay, DDBill Wallet) plus also payments from local approved Chinese banks all into one secure merchant account.

What is an e-Wallet?

A secure online account that can receive and settle funds/credits. The advantage of an e-wallet is that there are generally no bank fees. A famous global e-wallet is Paypal. It receives and sends funds securely, just like Dinpay, so we often describe Dinpay as “similar to PayPal, only better.”


What methods of payment are accepted?

Dinpay is securely directly connected to China’s most popular banks.

Dinpay also accepts most often used ewallets payment like WeChat payment and Alipay. In addition, Dinpay also has international credit card solutions for VISA, MASTERCARD and JCB  (*special terms and conditions apply for accepting CCD’s ask your regional Dinpay Agent for details).

How secure is Dinpay?

Dinpay has its own secure firewall, China SAFE approved system and a comprehensive data protection system. For reference Dinpay currently handles over USD$7 Billion annually. No-body can access your Dinpay account unless they know a secure login and PIN. Also, thanks to mobile wallet technology it is (basically) impossible to do a fraudulent transaction, because unlike a credit card a buyer must know both the user wallet ID and unique user Pin number to create a transaction.


How do I know I am paid?

Transactions take between 1-3 seconds. Merchants and customers also get an instant order receipt sent to their device or PC. Merchants can view live-real time transactions via their accounts and for retail our MPOS also produces a hard-copy (printed) receipt in real-time.


What does a Dinpay account cost?

Cross border accounts are free with Dinpay.

The only cost that merchants only need to consider is the technical integration of attaching Dinpay API onto their website.

To help, Dinpay also provides free technical support to your integration team.

How does Dinpay calculate the foreign exchange (FX) rate?

Dinpay RMB rates are automatically set daily by the Bank of China H.K. (BOC Hong Kong). Merchants may also login and check your merchant account and view the daily exchange rate.

What currencies can be settled?

For cross border e-commerce goods and services merchants Dinpay settles payments in 11 different currencies (CNY, USD, EURO, HKD, GBP, SGD, JPY, CAD, AUD,THB, MYR).

For all other merchants we can settle in HKD or USD.

What cross border settlement fees are charged?

For settlements Dinpay charges a fixed, flat rate of 0.1% or, a minimum of 100 RMB. It is worth asking your current provider how they are calculating their FX rate as you may be surprised to hear their answer.

How fast can I get my money?

Real time transactions and settlements into foreign bank accounts in designated currencies occur at T=1 – T=3 (instantaneous payment) so there are no delays on payments. Any delays are purely up to your local (receiving) bank to explain as to why they have not released your funds into your account.

Can you do Cross Border e-commerce?

Yes. Since 2014 Dinpay can be used for Cross-Border transactions. Conveniently, Dinpay also directly ties into Chinese Custom’s cross-border back-end system to provide: Order Information Submission, and Chinese ID Verification.

How does settlement occur and what is the minimum settlement amount?

Settlement occurs by merchant logging in and ordering settlement. Currently minimum cross border settlement amount is 3000 RMB. There are no limits on the amount that you can receive into your account.

What is your O2O solution?

Dinpay has 2 offline retail solutions. Either a fixed QR code that directs customers to the merchant payment account, or via MPOS where customers in store can scan to pay using their mobile wallets.