Dinpay for education

Dinpay is a fast and convenient way for parents and students to fund international school and living expenses.

Parents can conveniently pay in RMB, with Dinpay then converting their RMB into the education provider’s preferred currency.

Who in the sector can apply for Dinpay? Schools, Universities, Colleges, TAFEs, education PSPs, Education agents.


What Are You Waiting For?


Advantages for education providers are:

  • China direct banking and online invoicing: simply generate invoice from your Dinpay online account, there are no limits on amounts that can be deposited.
  • Real time payment: get notified in real-time (instantly) when parents have paid fees.
  • Direct Debits: regular debits from Chinese accounts can be set up with Dinpay (e.g. for school term fees or for student accommodation rentals).
  • Includes Alipay and We Pay: Dinpay already includes these systems, no need for separate accounts. Good for accepting smaller tuition and living payments from Alipay (max. 10,000 RMB per transaction) and We Pay (max. 5,000 RMB per transaction).
  • Competitive FX and transfer fees: Dinpay offers the best FX and settlement rates.

Advantages for Parents and Students:

  • No costly FX: with Dinpay there is no more need to buy USD or AUD to make payments to education providers. Parents can pay the equivalent in RMB.
  • Direct Debits: education provider can arrange for convenient monthly / regular debits from accounts.
  • Fast settlements: education providers get instant notification of payment.
What do you need to get started?

If you are an Australian business, have an Australian bank account and want an eCommerce solution so you can sell to China then you’re qualified.